Top Eco-Friendly Features of SVC Aquaria

Modern homes and apartments today are luxurious, glamorous and fun. Much more than that today they are by and large sustainably designed and eco-friendly thanks to the ingenuity of some of today’s most innovative designers and builders. Most homes and apartments around the world today are sporting green roofs, drawing power from geothermal energy, and making use of solar panels year round.

Other important features of modern homes and apartments include:

  • SUSTAINABLE & LOCALLY SOURCED MATERIALS: Materials that are sustainable are increasingly being used to reduce the carbon footprint of today’s construction practices. Local sourced materials are being used to confront complex design challenges.
  • LED LIGHTING: Advances in LED technology in the form of LED bulbs that are more energy efficient than the filament bulbs of the 20th century, have ensured that carbon footprint of today’s homes can be greatly reduced without switching off the lights.
  • GREEN ROOFS & WALLS: They provide for a mix of efficient, natural cooling and landscaped, aesthetic beauty while drastically reducing carbon footprints.
  • SOLAR PANELS: Planted on the rooftops, they use the inexhaustible energy of the sun to provide a lightweight, inexpensive way to boost the energy of a home / apartment, while storing power for future use without the need for any wasteful processes.

    SVC Aquaria, in keeping with its status as a unique signature space and luxury apartment in Hyderabad, that adds a new dimension to living lifestyle, provides for some of the most compelling eco-friendly features that enhance the quality of living.

    Its eco-friendly features include:

    • FRAMED STRUCTURE: RCC framed structure to withstand wind & seismic loads as per existing IS Codes.
    • SUPER STRUCTURE: 8″ Thick light weight Nucon AAC blocks for external walls and 4″ thick solid Nucon blocks for internal walls.
    • PLASTERING (Internal & External): Both have cement mortar with smooth finish.
    • DOORS:
      • MAIN DOORS: Melamine polishing and designer hardware of reputed make.
      • INTERNAL DOORS: Hard wood frame & HDF pre-laminated teak veneer flush doors.
      • BATHROOM DOORS: Hard wood frame and shutter with external teak veneer and internal laminate.
    • WINDOWS: UPVC window systems.
    • FLOORING: Italian marble for Foyers, Living, Dining, Kitchen & Pooja rooms. For all bedrooms and home theatre, the flooring is wooden and for corridors, the flooring is granite.
    • STAIRCASE: Granite Steps with Railing.
    • DADOING: For Bathrooms, its glazed ceramic tile dado up to door height, Cutilities / Wash, its glazed ceramic tiled dado up to 3’0” height and for corridors, its glazed ceramic vitrified tiled dado up to 4′ 6″ height throughout the corridor with false ceiling.
    • PAINTING: For all external requirements, its two coats of exterior acrylic emulsion paint over texture as per architects design and for all internal requirements, its smooth wall putty finish of 3 coats with acrylic washable emulsion paint over a coat of primer.

    Inhabitants of SVC Aquaria in Kondapur would not only get to live comfortably, but also get to breathe easier and feel healthier living in an environmentally friendly apartment with improved indoor air quality. Furthermore, they would also get to enjoy eco-friendly basement parking that is meant to cater to ensure that all parked vehicles emit low emissions and remain fuel efficient.

    If you’re looking for environmentally friendly premium flats in Hyderabad, consider SVC Aquaria. When you do that, you will get to live in harmony with nature in an eco-friendly community setting that blends luxury and green living for the ultimate urban living lifestyle.

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