SVC Aquaria


There are countless reasons as to why a prospective apartment buyer would choose Hyderabad as a city of choice. With its superb weather that is neither too hot nor too cold, pleasant throughout the year at the most, highly developed infrastructure and easily accessible social amenities in most parts of the city, Hyderabad’s attractiveness as a place of ultimate residence has therefore witnessed real estate evolve to become one of the fastest growing sectors.

When it comes to choice of apartments, there are many choices but very few among them can lay claim to being one of the truly best choices than SVC Aquaria in Kondapur. Those who own a 4 BHK flat in SVC Aquaria in Kondapur will not only get to enjoy greater convenience as the commute to and from their places of work that are faster and generally more comfy when compared with other areas of Hyderabad city, but will also get to enjoy some of the finest amenities that a luxury apartment can provide.

SVC Aquaria

It’s a worthy product of SVC Ventures, among the most progressive real estate companies in Hyderabad, wedded to build world-class living, office and retail spaces besides everlasting trust. Led by a dynamic management team, SVC Ventures has enhanced the status of Hyderabad by presenting a living space masterpiece in the form of SVC Aquaria, 4 BHK ultra-luxury apartments in Hyderabad with lavish use of space, state of the art amenities and technology.


In keeping with its status as one of the top luxury projects in Kondapur, SVC Aquaria offers some of the finest amenities that a classy 4 BHK Apartment should offer.

The best of top five amenities of SVC Aquaria are:

    • RAINWATER HARVESTINGFacility with complex filtration systems that can store thousands of gallons of water. It helps collect, store and use rainwater for flats water consumption as well as landscape irrigation and other uses.
    • SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTHelps remove the contaminants from sewage to produce liquid and solid (sludge) suitable for discharge to the environment or for reuse. Most importantly, waste water produced from toilets, baths, showers, kitchens, sinks, and so forth are disposed off via sewers.
    • SECURITY24 Hour manned security at the entrance gate with intercom connectivity to every flat of the apartment. In addition, there is Integrated Services & Surveillance with Fire Alarm system as per the norms of the Fire Department.
    • LIFTFully automatic high speed Johnson automatic passenger lifts with granite cladding.
    • VEHICLE PARKING: Separate basement parking for inhabitants and visitors with individual entry.

Crafted by one of the finest real estate companies in Hyderabad SVC Ventures, SVC Aquaria is all about customized extravagant living, built with care around the homeowners’ needs and taste.

Those who own a 4 BHK flat in SVC Aquaria in Kondapur will revel in its status as one of the most prestigious addresses in Hyderabad designed with discerning and uncompromising individuals in mind who favour discreet, elegant property in an unparalleled location.

SVC Ventures

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