4 BHK East-Facing Apartments – SVC Aquaria, Hyderabad

Are you one of those with a fervent dream of living in an oasis of luxury amidst the extravagant panorama of nature? Say, a living place that you would feel proud to call your own.

If so, welcome to SVC Aquaria!

Sure, a dream apartment with a range of luxurious 4 BHK flats amidst nature’s bounty sounds like heaven. But then

SVC Aquaria is no ordinary apartment. It’s a stunning architectural marvel of a luxury apartment set amidst serene and picturesque setting that makes living such a great joyous experience.

SVC Aquaria in Kondapur, a 4 BHK Apartment in Hyderabad, is already trumpeted as among the finest of ultra-luxury apartments in Hyderabad built by one of the best real estate companies in Hyderabad, SVC Ventures. Having consolidated its position as the one of the top real estate companies in Hyderabad over the years, SVC Ventures latest project offering in Kondapur, Hyderabad, is all set to dazzle people with its architectural construction style and a bevy of luxurious facilities that transcend the convention of living in luxury apartments.

True to its tag as a top luxury apartment in Hyderabad, SVC Aquaria set in a beautiful setting amidst nature’s splendor in Kondapur, offers not just plain luxuries but also unique luxuries that enhances living experience making it more convenient, lively and happy like no other home setting.


Imagine waking up to the cheery sounds of birds in the early morning in pleasant cool breeze and then having a cup of hot fresh coffee in a chair while gazing with an admiring look into the vast blue sky and the luxuriant greenery down below within the apartment complex. That sure sounds so heavenly as if one is living in a paradise.

SVC Aquaria provides for such a scenario and much more for it’s a paradise that assures all of the reflections and situations while ensuring within the premises a host of modern amenities like spacious wellness and fitness hall, jogging track, medium-sized ground for sports and leisure activities, etc. Then there is a small pretty garden set in a beautiful layout within the apartment complex for the senior citizens and children to relax or move around. That’s what makes the stunning SVC Aquaria – a 4 BHK Apartment for sale in Hyderabad at Kondapur, a dream living destination.

Spread across luxuriant acres of space setting, the 4 BHK flats in gated community Hyderabad at SVC Aquaria in Kondapur, is a living experience by itself that is soothing and pleasant, every time, every day. Proud flat owners will also have the luxury of walking or driving in comfort to their offices or shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals, multiplexes, etc, most of which are within close vicinity of SVC Aquaria.

If you’re looking for properties in Kondapur, Hyderabad or gated communities in Kondapur or just Kondapur flats, then look no further than SVC Aquaria that is built by one of the top Hyderabad builders with a reputation for quality constructions – SVC Ventures.

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