Values of vastu

-->Why the people reflect South West as the worst way?

-->Why the Eesanya (North East) is the blessed most in Vastu?

-->Is the Vastu only a shade trust?

Vastu for flats

The sun is furthermost to India, once it is to the North East. The sun is neighboring, once it is to the Nairuti. That is the intention; why Vastu continuously orders that the North East part of a Home be reserved exposed and Nairuti continually be congested as the unsafe ultra violet emissions arrive from this path. Vastu is not a simple fallacy. It is together with science and an art. The Term Vastu has its ancestries from Vas gist to live. Space & Time are the most significant features in this life science.

Earliest India had hugely profited by this science of construction. Their joyful lives are the seamless evidence for the worth of the Vastu. The practice of front pops had demonstrated that the arrangement of villages, towns, cities & capitals of earliest India was the greatest and provided the best health, enjoyable and real design. The easterly league of the plan confirmed that the standard roads were cleansed by the emissions of the sun far-reaching through them all through the day. The connection of main thoroughfares by smaller ones seriatim from north and south delivers faultless movement of air and the extreme benefit of the cool waft.

Vastu philosophies take into account the Solar Energy and Magnetic power of the earth. Cosmic Energy is also well-thought-out. Influential sun rays touch the total of the body, mainly the brain. If we apply substantial time in the lodgings which are not protected from this unsafe rays, our cerebral equanimity will be exaggerated harshly. Everyone, who sees simple philosophies of science, is well conscious of the fact that the human body is full of blood. Haemoglobin is the color which contributes colour to the blood. Haemoglobin holds iron. The full body is measured to be a magnet. Our pate is the North and the feet are the South. It is recognized fact that the like sticks resist each other. If we sleep by keeping the head facing north direction, blood flow to the brain rises. In sleep, brain & the body needs fewer blood movement. That is the goal why Vastu always propose us to have the head towards South (or) West while sleeping. Similar to his, each and every Vastu principle has technical and scientific dishonorable.

Vastu contributes us a course map on how to generate a construction that shakes with Optimistic Energy. The fundamentals are coordination, favorable entry, room positions has a lot to do with stargazing, construction, math, charisma & physics. Vastu manner permanently prefers regularity. Every time you enter your house, your energy is in association to the Vastu mandala of the house at that point. A door must and should be exactly concerned with for the start of positive energy. If you live in the Vastu compliant building or which is against the Vastu principles it will have some consequence, no matter who preserves it.

If you truly desire to live serenely, you must keep an eye on the Vastu as much as you can. Vastu favors four guidelines of the home open. It is insupportable to follow Vastu principles completely in cities which are packed by the towers. Vastu recommends you to keep all the four directions of your home to be kept exposed. At best, Vastu prefers East and North directions to be open. You can’t do much, if your home is covered by vast constructions from all the three directions. So we don’t have much control in outsides. The cosmos between four walls is ours. We can accept Vastu principles as much as we can for interiors.

Alignment of the house:

Real estate market in Hyderabad, North & the East are the most favored bearings. East & North face apartments will have a best, when equated to residual two directions.

Make sure of Vastu prefer these two alignments only?

Be situated the West & South face flats unfavorable? Vastu never said so.

Vastu creeds say that the house wants to be in a specific arrangement with north, south, east, & west. So, nonentity incorrect in selecting West (or) south fronting flats. Only proviso is that it would not be more than 10 notches off this angle.

West is too best:

The clue behindhand this is that the construction is to reverberate with earth & cosmic dynamisms. One of the pre-conditions for this timbre is position with East, West, North and South. Vastu provides equivalent position to four directions. Each way has its own status.

1.North is for overall success

2.East is for bodily wellbeing and cerebral unity

3.West is for physical wealth

4.South is for redemption, improvement, liberty from possible worries & moksha

Therefore, if you are seeing for physical wealth you can select West Facing Flat and Home without any uncertainty. You can get the flat at competitive price too.

Orientation affording to zodiac signs:

There is an act group in Vastu called Jyotir Vastu, which resources, Vastu based on Astrology. Jyotir Vastu recommends different sloping houses for different astrologer’s chart (or)signs.

Bestowing to this, the following are directed:

->Vrischika, Meena (Pisces), karkataka: East Facing

->Midhuna (Gemini), Makara (Capricorn) Kanya (Virgo): South Facing

->Tula (Libra) Vrishabha (Taurus), Kumbha (Aquarius): West Facing

->Mesha (Aries) Simha (Leo), Dhanu (Sagittarius): North Facing

Jyotir Vastu also recommends auspicious directions created on the first Telugu letter of the holder. All the literatures are separated in to eight Vargus. These are named Ashtha Vargus.

A Varggu – a, aa, e, ee ru.

KA Vargu – ka, kha, ga, gha, jna

CHA Vargu- cha, chha, ja, jha

TA Vargu – ta, tha, da, dha, na

THA Vargu- tha, Thha, dha, dhha, na

PA Vargu – pa, pha, ba, bha, ma

YA Vargu- ya, ra, la, va

Sa Vargu- sa, sha, sam ha, ksha

The following are the advantageous orientations for the each Vargu.

A Vargu – East, West and North Facing

KA Vargu – North, East Facing

CHA Vargu- South, West, East Facing

TA Vargu – South, East, West Facing

THA Vargu – South, West Facing

PA Vargu- South, West Facing

YA Vargu – North, West Facing

SHA Vargu – North, West Facing